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The Knight Towing PPI  App and the Managers Parking Portal offers you an easy way to successfully manage and enforce your parking regulations—both in the office and in the field. With these two systems you can Assign Parking Spaces, Issue Parking Permits, Revoke Parking Permits, Record Parking Violations, add Guests/Tenants to a do not tow Safelist, view History of towed vehicles and Request Tows.


  • We can custom design just about any parking permit.
  • Temporary Parking Permit placards and Parking Violation Notices
  • Customized Tow Away Signs, along with free installations
  • Certificate of insurance

Knight Towing may facilitate the entire process of distributing and assigning Parking Permits to your homeowners or tenants.


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As the property owner, property owners agent or lessee. I hereby authorized Knight Auto Service And Towing L.L.C. dba Knight Towing to remove this illegally parked vehicle. I certify that I was present at the time of the vehicle removal and can verify the alleged violation. Signed at:

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All of these common parking problems can be reduced by utilizing Knight Towing’s Private Property Impound Services.

  • Illegally parked vehicles in resident’s assigned spaces
  • Illegally parked in visitors  spaces
  • Abandoned or Inoperable vehicles
  • Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without proper placard
  • Blocking garages, dumpsters or double parking
  • Red Zones or No Parking Zones

Vehicle owners are responsible for fees associated with this service. You can expect fair and equitable handling of parking violators without price gouging or unethical treatment. We staff safe, uniformed and courteous drivers and customer service representatives.


Knight Towing provides private property impound services to Management Companies, Home Owner’s Associations and Security Companies. We have more than 16 years of experience to help you solve your parking problems. That means fair parking for everyone and peace of mind for you.

At Knight Towing customer service is our number one priority and we offer service 360 days a year, operated by friendly and professional staff members and drivers who work efficiently not just to meet but to exceed your expectations.

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